Mac, iPhone and iPad repair in London.

We are an Apple Mac repair specialist focusing on MacBook, iMac, iPhone and iPad repairs. We are based in Central London, and you can call us on 020 3951 7818.

iPhone screen repairMac repair London
a no-frills repair service

We repair Apple devices going back up to 12 years!

Please select your device by product type.

iPhone screen repair done. Fast.

You can either visit us and drop your iPhone in for repair, and collect it once done, or we can collect it from you using our courier service and return it once done.

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iPhone repair

Mac, MacBook or iMac repair.

A Mac on average lasts over 10-15 years. Don’t fall for the marketing hype and repair your device. Do your bit for the planet by reusing instead of buying into the replace and bin consumer trap.

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Mac repair

iPad screen repairs done right

We repair most popular iPad models including iPad Air, iPad Pro and the original iPad series. For business critical iPads we can also do same day express repair.

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iPad repair

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Customer review

"A fantastic experience with Ryan at I Repair."

How would you like to get your device to us? Walk-in? Collection?

We have a fantastic collection service that is super fast and very secure.

60 mins
Cycle Courier

We have dedicated bicycles for fast and eco-friendly collections across London.  It’s very safe, and you don’t even need to package it.

30 mins
Electric Scooter Courier

Love them or hate them, e-scooters make collections super easy for our office based customers in the City and the West End.

5 mins
Walk-in service

It’s very easy to forget that in this age of convenience that you can also walk-in to our offices and drop your device off for repair!

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